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Experience the pinnacle of private label real estate auctioning online, blending effortless functionality with the power of brand promotion.

Boasting personalized branding, intuitive auction oversight, and dynamic bidder interaction tools.


We Get It

Real estate experts demand a dependable and streamlined solution for online property auctions.

Introducing AuctionWare: A bespoke private-label auction platform crafted exclusively for real estate connoisseurs. Elevate your auctioning experience and declutter your operations effortlessly with AuctionWare.

Take Control of Your Auction

Our platform places the auction reins firmly in your hands.

Determine the auction date, outline the terms, and decide the closing timeline. Furthermore, enjoy the authority to vet every bidder and monitor active participants.

Seize full command of your auction and amplify your outcomes with our platform.

Your Blueprint to Auction Mastery

With our platform, you get a dedicated auction expert by your side from start to finish.

From the moment you join to after your auction ends, they’ll be there to help. They’ll share tips on promoting your auction and connecting with bidders.

Our onboarding is quick and easy, so you’ll be set up and ready fast.

Get the best out of your auction with our expert help.

Clear and User-Friendly Bidding

Our platform offers a straightforward interface, making it a breeze for bidders to join auctions. They’ll enjoy real-time updates and total clarity from start to finish.

Keep It Exclusive

Bidders register directly with you, not a third-party platform that might lead them to your competitors.


Choose Your Perfect Plan: With flexible pricing tailored to your needs, opt for a monthly package starting at $299 for triple auctions, or our one-time ‘One and Done’ package at $1499. Whatever your auction volume, we’ve got a cost-effective solution for you.

Single AuctionWare
Micro Site

$399 Site/Month

(Quarterly subscription – auto renews)

Double AuctionWare
Micro Sites

$349 Site/Month

(Quarterly subscription – auto renews)

Everything in Single, plus ability to conduct two unlimited auctions concurrently.

Triple AuctionWare Micro Sites

$299 Site/Month

(Quarterly subscription – auto renews)

Everything in Single, plus ability to conduct three unlimited auctions concurrently.

Need More? Contact Us for Bulk Discount

One and Done

$1499 One Time

One Auctionware micro site for 3 months

Feature List

Brand Amplification Made Simple

Boost your brand and carve a dominant auction footprint. With our user-friendly platform, seamlessly integrate your company logo, name, and URL.

Auction Customization at Your Fingertips

Unlock your auction’s full potential with our wide array of tailor-made settings. Opt for the perfect auction type, be it reserve, absolute, or subject to confirmation. Set your initial bid, increments, and decide on displaying the reserve price. Safeguard fairness with overbid protection and an adjustable soft close duration. Plus, set your auction’s timing to align with your time zone. Craft your auction your way for unmatched success!

Craft a Standout Property Listing

Capture bidder attention with rich details. Start with a catchy title and an enticing summary. Use our precise geolocation tools to mark the property’s exact spot. Emphasize its prime features to attract keen investors. Use our flexible WYSIWYG editor to detail property specifics just how you want. Round it up by setting clear terms of sale and a confidentiality clause for protection. Present your auction impeccably and leave a mark on your audience with our platform.

Strengthen Your Buyer Connections

Ensure bidders can effortlessly connect with you. Add a professional photo, your email, and phone number to your auction page. Feel free to include extra contacts and arrange them as you see fit. Our platform prioritizes open communication, building trust with potential buyers, and setting you up for auction success.

Showcase in HD

Elevate bidder engagement with a gallery of vivid, high-quality photos. With our platform, you’re free to display every property facet, uploading and arranging images as needed. Whether you’re presenting or rearranging, our intuitive interface ensures your auction remains fresh and captivating for viewers.

Document Sharing with Peace of Mind

Boost your auction’s trustworthiness by granting potential buyers access to all key documents. With our platform, effortlessly add anything from property surveys to legal papers. For added security, viewers must register and agree to a confidentiality clause before diving into the details. We ensure a straightforward and safe exchange, fostering genuine trust and clarity in every bid.

Stay in the Auction Loop

Track every bidder movement in real-time! Our dashboard offers a clear view of all registrations: from those completed to pending, and from approved to rejected bidders. Easily spot those awaiting your green light to bid. With such detailed oversight, manage your auction participants seamlessly. Our intuitive dashboard equips you to oversee a smooth auction from kickoff to close.

Master Your Bidder Roster

With our platform, oversee all interested parties and their details in one spot. Access a list of every registered bidder, complete with registration timestamps for insight into their auction interest. With swift approval or rejection options and direct email or call features, you’re primed for efficient communication. Our dashboard simplifies interactions and powers your auction decision-making.

Bid Insight at Your Fingertips

Delve into every bid detail with our dynamic bidding dashboard. Witness all actions from bid types (auto or manual) to timings, amounts, and bidders’ usernames. Spot trends, understand patterns, and tweak your auction game plan accordingly. Armed with our dashboard, you’re positioned to optimize auction results with confidence.

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